10 steps to get a Magnificent Garden

It’s time for your first garden adventure to begin, without further ado, let’s get started. Here are few tips to kick start a great garden.

  1. Idea – Do you want a vegetable garden? A flower garden? Or an herb garden? If your choice is flowers then do you want annuals which need to be replanted each year but during summer they are in full bloom or do you want perennials which come back year after year but have a shorter bloom time? Yes, you can mix and match. But determining what you want is the key.
  2. Place – According to the garden you choose, pick the right spot to get planting. Depending on whether you need more sun, shade, rain etc. choose the place carefully.
  3. Clearing – Start clearing the ground where you want to begin your garden. Get rid of the sod and unwanted weeds.
  4. Soil – Invariably, you need to boost the health of your soil. It’s best to use organic manure.
  5. Digging – You need to dig at the right time – the soil shouldn’t be too dry or too wet, this can ruin its structure. The apt time is when the soil is moist enough so that you can form a ball in your hand but dry enough that it will fall apart when you let go.
  6. Pick your plants and plant them – Choose the plants you want and get planting. You can either buy seeds or a young plant to start from.
  7. Water – water is very important for seedlings as they should not dry out. Until roots are established, the plant needs water every other day. Post that, depending on the climate you need to water the plants.
  8. Mulch – In order to keep the water in and weeds out, cover the soil with mulch. The mulch again depends on your garden type but there are a variety of mulches available.
  9. Keep at it – Your garden will take some time to grow, keep at it. Water when required, take out the weeds occasionally and add fertiliser etc. These basic steps will enable good growth.

Stop by every day and smell and take in and enjoy what you are growing! Revel in the fruits of your effort!

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  • I want to make a beautiful garden outdoor of my house also i want bonsai vegetable plants to grow at my home

    • Kanchan sharma