Feel Liberated with These 8 ‘Herbs for Kitchen’ Coming to Your Rescue to Make You More Healthy and Beautiful

-Komal Malhotra

Every day we hear and read cases of people who eat right yet suffer major medical conditions. Bigger reason to these conditions is deficiency of nutrients due to food adulterations in form of pesticides, food growth hormone, steroids etc. Safeguard yourself from these conditions by building yourself an organic kitchen with below suggested herbs and going ‘back to roots’, return to where health and well being lies.

1. Coriander/Dhania

Think of chutney and Dhania comes as first word to your mind. Coriander is also synonymous with common garnishing ideas. But did you know coriander is richest source of Fiber, Vitamin and Nutrient hence it becomes first go to kitchen herb.

2. Cinnamon/Dalchini

Cinnamon spice is pegged equivalent to gold for its hormone insulin sensitivity improvement properties. The sweet tasting spice works directly on muscle cell to force them to remove sugar from bloodstreams and convert it to energy. Science has seen better insulin resistance with regular intake of organic cinnamon than medicines.

3. Mint/Pudhina

Mint, synonymous to menthol which is known for its unmatched cooling effect has wide acceptance in our kitchen for enhanced whiff of freshness to skin and body for lowering body stress/heat. What better than having this herb grow in your kitchen for fresh and effective use.

Curry Leaves surely have a bitter taste but they have excellent respiratory system and digestive system detoxification properties. These leaves get broken down to purifying fluids after coming in reaction with biliary juices and secretions from gut. Further removing traces of oxidative stress and harmful toxins that build-up with alcohol or non-veg intake and purify your lungs, intestines and stomach.

Want to know more herbs? Stay tuned because in our next post we shall come up with more ‘herbs for kitchen’. Also check out our social media pages to know benefit of these herbs for your skin and health.

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