Outdoor Plants That Live Through Rain Or Shine

It doesn’t matter whether you are a novice or rookie or a mogul when it comes to gardening; after taking the time and effort, it’s definitely no fun to see your plants die, especially when you have high hopes. Keeping this in mind, we have compiled a list of few plants that are easy-to-grow and can grapple with any condition.


  • Geraniums: There’s a good reason for Geraniums to be one of the best-selling plants – they come in vibrant hues from coral to pink to violets to crimson, the colours are magnificent and brighten up the whole space instantly and they are plants which can withstand the summer heat even with inadequate water. During winters, you need to store them right. If you do so, you crop for the upcoming summer will be ready to bloom.


  • Petunias: Sun, rain, frost or shine, Petunias bloom well. They come in a limited range of colours (lemon yellow, pink, lime green etc.) almost all varieties of this plant are self-cleaning and almost carefree! However, occasionally, it’s best to give it some TLC (tender loving care) and water and fertilise it.


  • Mint: Herbs add that extra tangy flavour to your food, especially in Indian cooking where flavours play an essential role in the food. What better herb than mint? It’s a perfect plant for a first time gardener. It’s rugged and grows wonderfully. It has a tendency to spread so either let it spread its way through or grow it in a pot where it can be contained. Start planting and add that piquant flavour to your food.


  • Verbena: Verbena bloom in clusters and are usually found in white, purple or pink colours. Typically, this flower works very well as an accent plant (a plant that adds that distinct virtue to the garden due to its shape, size, colour etc.). Also, a point to be noted is that they are fit to survive even in the hottest of summers!         

All flowers must grow through dirt first to bloom into something magnificent. Similarly, planting flowers and watching them bloom will give you happiness from within. It’s your time to start planting and developing your garden and pave the way to happiness.

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