Pristine Greenery and serenity of Hill Station at Home

-Komal Malhotra

Summers are here and we all crave to run to some quiet, clean and green hill station away from dirt, pollution and noise of Delhi. Sit there, relax and submit to vigour of nature.  But what if this hill station comes to your home?

Yes, we are serious! LawnKart is here to make this wish come true with their vast range of planters and offerings to make your world an eco-friendly, greener and cleaner place to live and breathe in.

Here we have some options to convert your house into a hill station with added benefits like:

Clean Breathing

Lawnkart has plants with air purifier properties which would not only help you breath clean but will also purify your air around you. These plants are also safe for bed room purpose for inducing sound sleep as they help fight insomnia as researched by NASA.

You can think of potting plants like Aloe Vera, Areca Palm, Spider Plant (Chlorophytum), Snake Plant (Sansevieria), Green money plant, Bamboo Palm, Weeping Fig Ficus, Lady Palm.

Treat to eyes

Add floral flowering plants that would not only make you write poetry but will also have aesthetic value like good fragrance. Scientifically it is proven that colors have excellent stress buster and creativity triggering properties. You may also use water/dew drops on petals of these flowers as face mist to rejuvenate your senses and leaving you with a feel fresh.

Flowers like Jasmine, Bougainvillea, Chameli, Hibiscus, Lavender, Mogra, Red Rose, Pink Rose, White Rose, Petunia, Raat Ki Rani, make some of the most lucrative options for home.


Bring some of these plants at your home and feel the difference. If you water and pot these plants then chances they bloom better because plants are also like friends, the more they are talked and cared for; the better they bloom and spread smile around.

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