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Plant Type. Decorative Bonsai Product Height. 9 to 13 Inches (including pot)  Season. Summer Sunlight. These plants require much sunlight for proper development.  Location. Choose the location with the temperature not more than 35 degrees C.  Growing in the ground. When adenium is about to be planted into the ground, choose a raised bed with...
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Plant lovers are always looking for easy to grow, unique plants with a fun aspect. Adenium plants are perfect specimens for the intrepid or novice gardener. Plant Type. Outdoor Flowering Plant Product Height. 9 to 13 Inches (including pot) Season. Summer Sunlight. Adenium requires much sunlight for proper development Location. Choose the location with...
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Thyme is an aromatic perennial evergreen herb with culinary, medicinal, and ornamental uses.Thyme is best cultivated in a hot, sunny location with well-drained soil. The leaves are very aromatic. Thyme is also used as an antiseptic and an insect repellent. Plant Type. Indoor/Outdoor Plant  Product Height. 12 to 18 Inches (including pot) Season. Spring Location....
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Allspice, Pimenta officinalis , is an aromatic, digestive stimulant, whose taste, aroma and properties resemble a combination of cloves, juniper berries, cinnamon, and pepper. Plant Care & Nurturing Plant Type. Indoor/Outdoor Plant  Product Height. 12 to 18 Inches Season. Summer Sunlight. Full sun to part shade Watering. Medium
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We all know that aloe vera is present in many skin care products. Not only does it help with skin burns but also with filtering various gas emissions from dangerously toxic materials. Claimed to possess tons of medicinal properties, this incredible succulent can also be grown as an ornamental plant....
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Alpinia is a beautiful foliage plant whose leaves are excellent choice for cut floral decorations. This plant also has showy, fragrant flowers which are botanically an inflorescence forming a gigantic ball of flowers. Colors of these flowers range from a distinctive red to subtle whites, yellows and pinks.  Plant Type. Outdoor Plant  Season....
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 VEGETABLE GARDEN INSECTS Thoroughly spray plants particularly the undersides of leaves and the devel- oping fruit. Use approximately 1 gallon of the ready-to-use spray per 500 sq. ft. of garden plants. Treat plants when insects are first seen and damage is noticed. Do not spray later than days shown...
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A good choice for a gift. If you would like to Gift this Plant and would like the Delivery of this Plant to be scheduled on a Particular Date along with a Message, Please mention in the " Add a Note " Section of the Checkout Page. We would try to fulfil...
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Plant Type. Outdoor/Indoor Plant  Product Height. 2.5 to 3ft Season. Evergreen Sunlight. This palm likes bright indirect or curtain filtered sunlight. Your palm will thrive with an outdoor vacation for the summer if you have a nice shady spot.Keep the night temperatures from 60-70 F (15.55 – 21 C), down as low as...
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Give us a call and our professional team will be there and help you to build the balcony. Rate as may vary as per the design. Prices listed for per sq feet i.e Rs.1000/Sq feet(min). Consultation charges Rs.500.
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Crotons are houseplants that normally have variegated leaves with shades of yellow, red, and green. They were originally found in Indonesia so they do well in the warm climates of our houses. They are a fairly easy plant to grow indoor. Plant Type. Indoor Product Height. 2-3 ft Season. Summer Sunlight. They...
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Description :  Kitchen Garden Packet
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