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  • Location. Don’t start by growing bonsai indoors. Bonsai are trees, and trees are outdoor plants. There are a few more species for bonsai which will tolerate indoor cultivation, but none of them really thrive indoors.
  • Watering. Over-watering is responsible for more bonsai deaths than any other factor. The soil should be allowed to dry out a bit between waterings. A basic rule is to let the soil get somewhat dry halfway into the depth of the pot before you water again. When you do water, water thoroughly — two or three times to fully soak the soil. 
  • Pebbles. Don’t leave the glued rocks on the surface of the soil. Many of the bonsai plants found at places other than real bonsai nurseries are sold with the soil covered by a hard layer of glued pebbles. Remove this as soon as you can! This layer will prevent water from reaching your soil and will kill your tree. You can remove it by submerging the pot in water for 30 minutes or so and then using either your fingers or pliers to remove the now soft layer of pebbles. 
  • Temperature. Do leave your bonsai out in the cold of winter and you may need to set up special quarters for them to keep them at the right temperature and humidity level indoors during the cold months. 
  • Fertilising. Feed only in the growing season. You should only fertilize bonsai, however, during the growing season and not during winter or late fall. The basic time for feeding is from late spring through early fall.
  • Purchase Tip. Buy your bonsai only from us and not from a mall kiosk or roadside vendor. Make a point to purchase bonsai only from someone who will be there next month and next year and who can offer you care advice, and from whom you can purchase other supplies. The quality and health of the trees from these places will usually be far better than those from “bonsai stands” or fly-by-night vendors.