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A fully natural cocopeat based composting accelerator. Layer this on top of wet waste everyday for fool proof composting. No need to stir daily. 3 Kg pack should last you 3-4 weeks. For buying other composting products: Click here Use/Features 3 kg pack. Cover your daily organic (kitchen) waste with...
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Compost microbes is a culture of cellulolytic and lignolytic micro-organisms that make your composting happen faster. 200 gms and 1 kg pack. For buying other composting products: Click here Use/Features Comes in two pack sizes. 200 gm and 1 kg. Once in 7 days sprinkle 1 teaspoon over food waste. Stir....
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Organic Neem oil cake powder keeps your compost pile healthy. Controls flies and maggots. 250 gms pack. For buying other composting products: Click here Use/Features Add 2 tablespoons of Neem to the waste when you begin composting. 1 tablespoon every 7 days thereafter. Pile should be moist for best results. Stir...
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Frequency of use : Twice a month This compost is made by the collective efforts of communities who use our Large composters. We process it ourselves, nuture it with love and make sure it remains organic. Ideal of your soil as amendment and you can add some organic growth promoters...
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This sturdy custom built rake is a great multipurpose tool used in composting and gardening. Can be hung near your composter! For buying other composting products: Click here Use/Features Small Rake is 14 inches long with 3 prongs Medium Rake is 17 inches long with 2 prongs The small rake is...
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The classic composter for a family of 4 and 1 kg of daily kitchen waste. This popular product has changed the perception of home composting in India. Your home needs one. For buying other composting products: Click here Ideal for individual homes to compost in flats, apartments and tight spaces. Family...
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The smaller version of our classic composter. Good for family of 2-3 and 500 gms of daily kitchen waste. Popular with older couples since it is easier to lift. Fits snugly into a tight spot and adds charm to composting. For buying other composting products: Click here Ideal for individual homes...
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These Ali Baba inspired pots can be used for composting and as stores for maturing or done compost. Perfect for large homes and for small communities to manage their organic waste without any lifting and shifting! Use Metal lids to take care of heavy use in community composting. For buying...
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Used for composting and as a store for maturing compost. Perfect for people who have space & do not like lifting weights! Also a companion pot for your Kambha in case you are generating more than 1 kg waste per day. It provides the extra volume required for your family...


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