G37 - Money Plant + Tumbler Ceramic Pot
G37 - Money Plant + Tumbler Ceramic Pot
G37 - Money Plant + Tumbler Ceramic Pot

G37 - Money Plant + Tumbler Ceramic Pot

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Money plant potted in a beautiful brown coloured ceramic pot. Best used for table top and indoor decoration.
  • Plant Type. Indoor
  • Pot Type. Tumbler
  • Pot Color. Brown
  • Product Height. 5 Inches (including pot)
  • Product Width. 3 Inches
Money plant (scientific name: Scindapsus aureus) is generally grown in Asian homes. A perennial plant grown as a trailer or a creeper, it is called so because of the shape of its leaves. The leaves are round, flat, heart-shaped, dark green, and plump and resemble coins. It is regarded as one of the best plants to purify air and it energizes the home by filtering air and increasing oxygen inflow.
  • Sunlight. Move your money plant outside in summer to an area with dappled light, but don’t forget to move it back in before fall.
  • Location. If your home is on the dry side, you can increase the humidity by placing the pot on a saucer filled with pebbles. Keep the saucer filled with water and the evaporation will enhance the humidity of the area.
  • Watering. Water the plants until the water runs from the drainage holes and then let them dry out between watering.
  • Repotting. The plant should be repotted every two years in a clean peat mixture. 
  • Fertilising. Remember to fertilize every two weeks as part of good money tree plant care. Use a liquid plant food diluted by half. Suspend fertilizing in winter.
G37 - Money Plant + Tumbler Ceramic Pot