Krishna Tulsi (Basil)

Krishna Tulsi (Basil)

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Krishna Tulsi (Scientific name: Ocimum Tenuiflorum Common name: Dark Holy Basil)

Krishna Tulsi is used to bronchitis, Malaria Fever, Asthma, Urino-genital disorder, Vomiting, Ear ache, Diabetes, Anti-bacterial, Anti Tuberculosis, Leucoderma etc.  Dark Holy Tulsi has dark purple leaves with a strong aroma, peppery crisp taste, dark stems and Leaves Smaller than Rama Tulsi.

  • Plant Type. Indoor/Outdoor Plant 
  • Product Height. 12 to 18 Inches
  • Season. Winter
  • Sunlight. When growing basil indoors, lighting is important. Basil growing indoors requires at least six hours of sunlight. 
  • Location. Basil plants should be placed in a sunny window, preferably facing south.
  • Watering. While the soil should be kept somewhat moist, it should never be soggy; otherwise, the roots will be prone to rotting.
  • Growing in Containers. The vigorous growth of plants may require frequent repotting. Container grown basil should be planted in well-drained, nutrient-rich soil. Using the proper soil type is important in order to successfully grow basil inside. As basil is not tolerant of water stress, make sure pots provide adequate drainage.
  • Fertilising. Basil growing indoors will require fertilizing. Depending on the variety grown and its overall purpose, a general houseplant fertilizer can be used. As with many houseplant fertilizers, this should be used at half the recommended strength.

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