Mirchi (Green Chili) Plant

Mirchi (Green Chili) Plant

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Chilies are easy-to-grow, sturdy plants that will give you lots of satisfaction with almost no effort on your part. Chilis can be used in dried form, and even frozen, but for some recipes it is best to have them fresh and nothing it’s fresher than obtaining them right from your garden.

chili video 

Watch this video and learn how to grow chillies in your own kitchen garden. Not only is it a perennial plant but also fruits and flowers quickly.

  • Plant Type. Indoor/Outdoor (can be kept indoor for a few days)
  • Product Height. 1-2 Feet (including pot)
  • Season. Evergreen
  • Sunlight. Plenty of sunlight required
  • Watering. Plenty of water required – most effective if watered early in the morning
  • Growing in containers. Container should be medium to large (at least a 5 gallon container).
  • Temperature. Warm weather

*Actual product may vary