Nasturtium Flower Seeds

Nasturtium Flower Seeds

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Other Common Names: Common nasturtium, climbing nasturtium, garden nasturtium, Indian cres, trädgårdskrasse (Swedish), Kapuzinerkresse (German), capucine grande (French).

Habitat: Native to South America, especially in Peru and Bolivia. Today, it is cultivated worldwide as an ornamental plant.

Description: Nasturtium is an annual plant that belongs to the Tropaeolaceae family. It can reach around 20 cm in height and spreads by creeping stems that are crisp and juicy.

The leaves are more or less circular with distinct veins. The yellow, orange or red flowers are large and helmet-shaped. The plant prefers well-drained soil in the sun or semi-shade.

Plant Parts Used: The fresh or dried leaves, flowers, and the seed pods.

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