Sponge Gourd Hybrid Seeds

Sponge Gourd Hybrid Seeds

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Kitchen Garden Packet

It is best consumed when still tender and green. It may be allowed to mature, cleared of all seeds, and used as a bath or kitchen sponge, also known as loofah. It is a very healthy veggie because it contains very few calories (only 40 calories per cup) and thus it works well for weight loss. It contains insulin like peptides that lowers and balances blood sugar.

  • Plant Type: Perennial grown as an annual plant
  • Product Height. Seeds (Please order pot separately)
  • Light: Full sun
  • Watering: When it comes to watering  in container gardens, keep the potting soil constantly moist.
  • Growing in the ground/containers:  It can be grown in pot or ground. but if you have small place to grow you can grow it in pot and spread the vine on roof. 

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